FAC-1 and TAC-1 Training

The ACA, King’s College London and the Alliance Steering Group are pleased to offer accredited training courses on FAC-1 and TAC-1.

Our training courses cater to all levels of experience, from introductory to advanced , and can be adapted to your specific requirements.
Training can be run as public events or in-house, and in all cases will be supported evidence and experience obtained  from FAC-1 and TAC-1 prototypes and case studies.

Examples of FAC-1 training include: 

1.Introduction to FAC-1  

  • Key features, processes and applications
  • Agreeing the FAC-1 Objectives, Success Measures and Targets
  • Selecting the Alliance Members
  • Understanding the FAC-1 Contract Terms
  • Understanding the FAC-1 Framework Documents
  • Combining FAC-1 with FIDIC, JCT, NEC and other Project Contract Conditions
  • Operating the Direct Award Procedure and Competitive Award Procedure
  • Frequently asked questions


2.FAC-1 integrated and collaborative working

  • The role of the FAC-1 Alliance Manager
  • The role of the FAC-1 Core Group
  • The role of the FAC-1 Independent Adviser
  • Agreeing and implementing Incentives
  • Creating and using a shared Timetable and Risk Register
  • Improving value under Supply Chain Collaboration and other Alliance Activities
  • Using FAC-1 to get the best out of BIM
  • Frequently asked questions

3.The practicalities of FAC-1

  • Creating the Framework Alliance Agreement
  • Agreeing any Special Terms
  • Creating the Framework Documents
  • Creating the Template Project Documents
  • Creating a Joining Agreement
  • Orders and Pre-Contract Activities
  • Alliance Manager instructions
  • Frequently asked questions


4.FAC-1 and the law

  • The legal impact of wording, options and drafting in the Framework Alliance Agreement and Schedules 1 to 6
  • Agreeing any Legal Requirements
  • Integrating FAC-1 with FIDIC, JCT, NEC and other Project Contract Conditions
  • Duty of care
  • Intellectual Property Rights, confidentiality and BIM
  • Adapting FAC-1 for different jurisdictions
  • Statutory rights to payment and adjudication
  • Frequently asked questions

If you are interested in learning more about the Accredited training courses, please contact the ACA on : 01959 928 412 or email us on:

ASG User Group members are entitled to a discount on any course.