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October 2017

  • FAC-1 has been shortlisted for a King’s Award as “Research Project of the Year
  • FAC-1 has been selected by LVC  for a new procurement
  • FAC-1 has been selected by Epping Forest Council to support them in delivering new council housing via a single provider framework for a multi-disciplinary design team and employer’s agent plus a multi-party framework for constructors
  • The Italian translation and adaptation of FAC-1 was launched in Milan on Monday 2nd October 2017 , and the FAC-1 Italian Electronic Contract is now available on the electronic portal
  • The FAC-1 English Electronic Contract is now available on the electronic portal

September 2017

  • FAC-1 chosen by Ecological Sequestration Trust and Resilience Brokers to support engagement with and integration of their partner organisations financing and implementing Global Goals in Human Settlements and City-Regions
  • FAC-1 Italian translation completed and due to be launched in Milan Monday 2nd October
  • FAC-1 has been used on  framework procurements with a total value of over £9.5 billion to date
  • FAC-1 Bulgarian translation completed and due to be discussed by Society of Construction Law in Sofia Thursday 5th October
  • FAC-1 and TAC-1 under consideration by South East Consortium following discussion at event organised by Savills Friday 8th September
  • TAC-1 chosen by Catalyst Housing Group for programme of responsive, gas, planned and cyclical works with a total value of £210 million, starting at £10 million per annum and rising to £40 million per annum

July 2017

  • On Monday 7th July at King’s College London Crown Commercial Service launched the use of FAC-1 for collaboration between consultants appointed to their Project Management and Full Design Team Services, including Aecom, AHR Architects, AMEC Environmental and Infrastructure, Arcadis, Capita, Deloitte, Faithful & Gould, Gardiner & Theobald, Gleeds and Kier Business Services
  • FAC-1 Portuguese translation completed
  • Kier notify proposed sub-contractors and suppliers on Surrey County Council highways programme that they will create new supply chain alliances using FAC-1 .

June 2017

  • FAC-1 comes to Italy 
  • On Friday 9th June Professor Sara Valaguzza chaired a fascinating workshop at the University of Milan to consider potential uses for the Italian translation of the FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract, bringing together leading academics, lawyers, architects and engineers with senior Government and contractor representatives.
  • The workshop assessed how specific projects could benefit from this new standard form that integrates the work of all consultants, contractors and specialists around common objectives and success measures, and that provides a common contractual platform for BIM contributions, licences and interfaces.
  • TAC-1 Official Launch
  • On Monday 5th June 2017 at Somerset House the first users of the TAC-1 Term Alliance Contract described their experience of procuring a new term alliance. Paul Wenham of Southern Housing Group explained to over 60 delegates that Southern’s objectives, set out in TAC-1 Schedule 1, are to “work collaboratively to achieve value for money, efficiency and best working practices” through an Alliance “dedicated to agreed common goals and an understanding of each other’s expectations and values“.
  • In 2016 Southern commissioned soft market-testing as to views on different contract forms and found that over 80% of contractors preferred the TPC2005 term partnering contract compared to the JCT and NEC term contracts. Then, advised by Cameron Consulting, Southern opted to trial the improvements embodied in TAC-1 as the successor contract to TPC2005 even before the new form was published. TAC-1 follows a year of research and industry consultation led by the King’s College Centre of Construction Law, creating a new form that combines the best of TPC2005 with the structure and features of the well-received FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract.
  • Southern have now awarded the first ever TAC-1 contracts to Amber Construction, Chas Berger, DW Support Services and AD Construction for planned and cyclical asset management worth over £23 million per annum. As TAC-1Providers” , the four companies will also undertake design services, will obtain input from early-appointed sub-contractors and will create common supply chains seeking improved value for Southern. These initiatives are supported by the TAC-1 clause 6 system of “Supply Chain Collaboration“, with alliance activities mapped out in the Schedule 2 Timetable and Schedule 3 Risk Register
  • Already a second client, Catalyst Housing, has selected the TAC-1 contract as the basis for a major programme that will go to the market in August this year.

May 2017

  • In its first 12 months since publication FAC-1 has been adopted on procurements in the public and private sectors worth a total of over £9.5 billion
  • FAC-1 adopted by Your Housing Group , advised by Savills and Trowers & Hamlins, on procurement of a £44.5 million programme of planned investment works
  • PIN notice issued for intended use of TAC-1 by Catalyst Housing Group 
  • German translation of FAC-1 completed
  • Italian translation of FAC-1 completed and circulated for consultation with clients and industry representatives including the Municipality of Milan, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the Administrative Courthouse of Milan and Associations of Construction Companies
  • First TAC-1 contracts for £23 million per annum programme of planned and cyclical asset management awarded by Southern Housing Group to AD Construction, Amber Construction , Chas Berger and DW Support Services, with provisions for early involvement of sub-contractors, a shared supply chain and a shared commitment to “work collaboratively to achieve value for money, efficiency and best working practices ” supported by  “dedication to agreed common goals and an understanding of each other’s expectations and values

April 2017

  • @CCUKLTD  delivered successful contract training on both FAC-1 (to Football Foundation) and TAC-1 (to Southern Housing)
  • Football Foundation  appointed Gleeds as Alliance Manager and Cameron Consulting as Independent Adviser
  • The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development  obtained a briefing on FAC-1 and has decided to review its potential value under pilots with selected clients
  • AmicusHorizon entered into a FAC-1 contract with Axis Europe, Keepmoat, Kier Services, Mears and Osborne for a £150 million maintenance programme which is also open to other housing associations as Additional Clients

March 2017


  • Award to Western Building Systems, Integra Buildings,  Extraspace Solutions, Ashley House and Portakabin of £150 million FAC-1 contract for modular programme commissioned by Football Foundation,  Football Association and Sport England
  • FAC-1 presentation at University of Stuttgart
  • Savings and improved value under Futures Housing Group FAC-1 programme  recognised in the Government Opportunities Awards
  • Licence agreed with Aroeira Salles for translation of FAC-1 into Portuguese for use in Brazil
  • FAC-1 reviewed by 150 delegates at King’s College London Open Forum as medium for integrating ICC, JCT,  FIDIC and NEC project contracts
  • FAC-1 selected as strategic contract for infrastructure on major London neighbourhood development
  •  UK and international standard forms- what is new in 2017?  KCL Centre of Construction Law Open Forum attended by over 150 delegates reviewing FIDIC,  JCT2016, NEC4,  ICC updates and the use of FAC-1 to integrate related projects and related two party contracts.

February 2017

  • FAC-1 adopted on £20 million procurement by London Borough of Greenwich of a programme of mechanical and electrical engineering works
  • Project Management International (PMI) Webinar on FAC-1
  • Centre for Transnational Legal Studies Colloqium on FAC-1
  • Presentation on FAC-1 to European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Joint PMI UK Virtual Events and Construction Forum Webinar : The FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract – Typical Pitfalls and New Solutions Providing an in depth exploration of the new FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract highlighting methods to create integrated frameworks whilst improving value and working effectively with the supply chain. Case studies from Ministry of Justice, Surrey County Council and Futures Housing Group (the first adopters of the FAC-1 contract)
  • Futures Housing Group’s FAC-1 procurement shortlisted for  2017 GO Procurement Innovation / Initiative of the Year Award 
  • Licence agreed with Bulgarian Society of Construction Law for translation of FAC-1 for use in Bulgaria


January 2017

  • Licence concluded with University of Milan for translation and publication of FAC-1 in Italy
  • FAC-1 included in £800 million procurement by LHC of  schools and community buildings in Scotland
  • FAC-1 presented at International Construction Law Association conference in Dubai
  • FAC-1 adopted on £5.5 billion procurement by LHC of schools and community buildings in England and Wales

December 2016

  • AmicusHorizon commence multi-client procurement under FAC-1 in respect of maintenance, repair and improvement works worth up to £250 million
  • Presentation of FAC-1 at “Legal BIM” conference hosted by University of Milan
  • Article by Dr Louis Gunnigan on FAC-1 and BIM, in BIM and Irish building magazine
  • Tenders returned for FAC-1 procurement of £150 million modular programme by Football FoundationFootball Association and Sport England
  • Publication of TAC-1 Term Alliance Contract
  • TAC-1 Term Alliance Contract endorsed by Construction Industry Council and Constructing Excellence
  • Southern Housing commence procurement of £7.5 million small planned works frameworks using FAC-1
  • Futures Housing Group report 10% savings agreed by group of 23 SME contractors under FAC-1 plus improved materials supply through Travis Perkins, improved cash-flow and improved local training support
  • TAC-1 Published by Association of Consultant Architects


November 2016

  • FAC-1 presented for consultation with Singapore Institute of ArchitectsMelbourne Law School, Clayton Utz , Hong Kong Mass Transit Authority, Hong Kong Housing Authority and Hong Kong City University
  • North Devon Homes  commence procurement under FAC-1  of  a £40 million multi-contractor framework for affordable new build and assisted living developments

October 2016

  • Crown Commercial Service notify bidders on £2.8 billion national consultant frameworks that they will use “FAC-1 or equivalent” in order to integrate services and improve value in each lot
  • RADAR Roundtable considers FAC-1 and records introductory youtube video (see  Homepage)
  • Procurement under FAC-1 commenced by Football  Foundation, Football Federation and Sport England on £150 million national changing rooms programme led by modular suppliers and framework management consultants
  • FAC-1 presented and debated at University College Dublin conference “Collaboration and Partnering in Irish Procurement” (recorded on youtube) and in interview on RTE Radio 2 “This Week
  • FAC-1 discussed by over 100 delegates attend ASG Power of Alliancing conference,  including  sessions led by KPMG, Savills, Surrey County Council, Osborne and King’s College London
  • FAC-1 presented at London Build 2016 by Association of Consultant Architects
  • Futures Housing Group commence procurement of employer’s agent frameworks using FAC-1


September 2016

  • FAC-1 presented at Lean In The Public Sector  conference in Helsingor, Denmark
  • Consultation draft of Guide to FAC-1 provided to delegates at seminar hosted by Trowers & Hamlins
  • Licence concluded with Breyer Rechtsanwelte for translation and publication of FAC-1 in German

August 2016

  • Infrastructure procurements using FAC-1 commenced by Graven Hill, the UK’s largest self-build community

July 2016

  • First FAC-1 signed in at Donnington Park Formula 1 racetrack for £30 million housing works programme led by Futures Housing Group and concluded between five clients and 23 contractors
  • King’s College London Centre of Construction Law publishes research report “Enabling BIM Through Procurement and Contracts recommends option of multi-party protocol (see FAC-1 and BIM)(

June 2016

  • FAC-1 published by Association of Consultant Architects
  • FAC-1  launched at Collaborative Construction Conference chaired by Sir John Armitt and hosted by Pinsent Masons
  • FAC-1 presented at Constructing Excellence seminar in Manchester hosted by Trowers and Hamlins
  • First trial of TAC-1 Term Alliance Contract commenced by Southern Housing Group


May 2016

  • FAC-1 endorsed by Constructing Excellence and Construction Industry Council

February 2016

  • Consultation draft of FAC-1 provided to over 200 delegates at King’s College London Centre of Construction Law Open Forum

November 2015

  • First trial of FAC-1 commenced by Futures Housing Group

October 2015

  • ACA Annual Conference in Bicester reviews FAC-1 under themes linked to improving value, BIM, BS11000 and international adoption

July 2015

  •  First consultation draft of FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract created by King’s College London and provided to 120 Consultation Group members for comment