At a September 2017 meeting of Constructing Excellence and the Chartered Institute of Building, 80 delegates said they all used frameworks but only 1 delegate said he was happy with the way his framework operated. This is where FAC-1 comes in, a framework alliance that was drafted in consultation with 120 organisations.

In the 2012 Effectiveness of Frameworks Report, Government and Industry found that the absence of a suitable standard form is impeding progress.This is where FAC-1 comes in, designed to integrate projects under JCT, NEC and any other project contract forms.

The allianceforms website provides background, news and guidance relating to increasing use of the new FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract . 

This site also introduces the TAC-1 Term Alliance Contract.

FAC-1 is a new type of contract that connects and integrates any number of related projects and/or related two party contracts for any type or scale of works and/or services and/or supplies. A short introductory video appears on this page.

In the first 12 months since its publication FAC-1 has been adopted on public and private sector procurements worth a total of over £9.5 billion, and has been successfully combined with a range of project contract forms including ICC, JCTNEC, NHF, PPC and TPC conditions .

The FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract:

  • is a multi-party overarching contract that makes valuable connections between any number and type of project contracts
  • enables clients and their supply chain members to obtain better results from any framework
  • integrates a team into an alliance supported by  joint objectives and success measures
  • has been proven to deliver agreed cost savings and improved value through joint work among supply chain members
  • provides proven systems to deliver cost savings and improved value through building information modelling (BIM)
  • works in tandem with any project contract form, in any sector and in any jurisdiction
  • includes proven systems of collaborative governance and dispute avoidance.


The TAC-1 Term Alliance Contract :

  • follows the structure of FAC-1 and operates as a self-contained multi-party term contract for ordering any type or scale of works and/or services and/or supplies
  • has been developed from the successful TPC2005 Term Partnering Contract which has been proven to deliver agreed cost savings and other improved value

Both FAC-1 and TAC-1 have been developed through extensive consultation, incorporate proven latest guidance on best practice and are based on successful framework and alliance case studies.

Both FAC-1 and TAC-1 are endorsed by the UK Construction Industry Council and by Constructing Excellence and have already been adopted on a range of procurements.